Xmplar Building Solutions

website-design-brisbane-australia-foxford-mayo-ireland-xmplar-building-australiaCategory: Website Design & Web Design, Brisbane, Australia.
Website Type: HTML, CSS, Javascript,
Client: Xmplar Building
Address: www.xmplarbuilding.com

Xmplar Building are an Irish owned Australian based construction company specializing in formwork and concrete building works. Originating from Foxford, Co. Mayo, the company acquired Designwest to create a dynamic and informative website for their existing and potential clients. The website design follows the brand design values of their existing brand identity design. This is an industry which we think can be quite hard to make look appealing but we think we have done a great job – the result is a bespoke designed website that looks really slick and functions even better. The client was thrilled with the results.


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