Website Significance

Let’s be honest here: your website is potentially one of your best friends in business. And, like it or not, having a functional, well designed website has never been more important… whether you’re sitting in your New York office or staring out at the wild blue sea in the west of Ireland. The world has become a much smaller place thanks to technology and the internet, and current figures suggest that 85% of business people worldwide will use the internet as their first port of call to find your service. Who knows how the other 15% are finding their information these days!

So, if your website doesn’t perform well on search engines, or if the design is confusing or looks like it was created in the late 70s, then you have already fallen at the first and biggest hurdle. We love this quote, taken from prominent technology buff, Ross Shaffer, because it sums up the technology evolution perfectly: ‘If You Don’t Like Change, You Will Hate Extinction’.

Wherever you are, your website design is going to be your best employee. It will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no complaints. If it does its job well it will, potentially, prove more effective than any other form of advertising, by generating revenue, keeping your customers informed and attracting new business. It can do these things with a minimum of effort, saving you and your staff countless hours… hours that can be spent on more important areas of the business.

Designwest can create a functional, creative and bespoke website design for your business. We’ll help you decide exactly what it is you need, whether you have an existing site that needs upgrading or a desire to create something completely new. Consider the many parameters: do you want a custom-designed content managed website (e.g. WordPress), or a responsive website that works better on mobile devices? What about an e-commerce website or maybe just a simple, custom designed, html brochure-style website. These are the sorts of things we’ve been doing at Designwest since 2005 (and before), and we’re very good at it. Modesty aside, we have the experience, qualifications and creativity to help you achieve worldwide exposure – if not domination. You can also rest assured we are constantly creating, learning, adapting, innovating and moving with the times, as technology does the same so we can ensure that your website is – well – future proof!

Website Design and Development Process

At Designwest Kiltimagh we have completed countless web design and development projects for a huge range of clients whether its industrial, commercial, food industries or small to medium business. We understand just how important it is for our clients to have a functional effective website that works for your business. In fact our very own website probably accounts for 40 – 50% of our new business outside of other marketing methods we employ so the proof really is in the pudding!. Our team have over 30 years combined experience in completing visual communication whether its graphic design or website design and development. Through the completion of all of our web design and development projects whether its for a client in mayo, Galway or New York we always approach each project with a clean sheet but more importantly a refined process for each of our clients. So what is the process?

1. The Meeting Planning stage
Its starts with a meeting of course – in person if possible –  where we gain a thorough understanding of your business and what it is you do. From here we formulate a plan to create a website design that works for you, appeals to your target market and most importantly performs the way it should for you. We will also decide at this stage what systems platforms or functionality your website will require. At this point we will be asking you to provide whatever information you wish to provide for the website.

2. The Design Stage
Once we have established the overall ‘plan’ for your website we will then sit down and start the actual designing stage where we will – creatively of course – figure out how your website is going to look, how it will work visually and functionally and of course we will design your website taking external factors like your brand values etc into consideration if they are in place. From here we will then provide you with a static proof of how your website will look – most likely the home page and one or two of the internal pages or whichever are the most ‘important’ pages within the proposed new website.

3. The Coding Development Stage
Once the overall look feel & design of the website has been approved our developers will progress with the  actual development of your website. This stage will also involve the testing of your website to make sure it is compatible with all of the browsers and devices. During this stage we will forward you links of your proposed website which will be hosted on our test server where you will be able to view and test your new website in terms of how it works visually and its functionality.

4. The Final Stage
At this stage of the project we will make any ammends or tweaks – if required  – and if the website is content managed we will provide you with some training – if required – on how you can interact with your website and update it. Once you are happy with your website we will switch it from our test server and launch it on your own domain. At this point once the site is running on your own domain we will do some final checks and test – such as making sure your emails and contact forms work etc.

5. The Handover
Once the site is handed over we will provide any more support or training that is required until you are 100% happy with how your website is performing. And guess what – we wont stop answering your calls then – we promise that we are on the end of the phone – or at the office if you ever have any queries or questions relating to your website. Once your site has been up and running for a few months we can then evaluate how it is performing in search engines and if you require any more help at this point we are happy to help.

*Tip* Most websites we do come with analytics functionality and these are a fantastic tool for measuring the performance of your website. Now more than ever the website industry and how they perform has become very competitive and if you want your website to work for you should be maintained/updated with new content regularily which will certainly help ensure it performs well in Search engines.