Test – Client Questionnaire

Dear Client, in order for us to give you an accurate quote, we would appreciate if you could fill out this form to the best of your ability. This is primarily for the benefit of our website designers and developers, so that they can get a good grasp of the creative brief at hand and this will help them determine how long it will take to complete the website development, which in turn will dictate the cost. Thank you for your help and we are really looking forward to hopefully working with you.

Your Details
Your Website
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  2. Do you want us to include an SSL cert in the quotation?

    *Please note, all modern website MUST have an active SSL cert which enhances security and google rankings and is mandatory for all e-commerce websites and websites that have booking function.

Market Research
  1. What is your business's unique value proposition?

    *In other words, why should clients invest in your company rather than other competitive companies?

  2. Who is your main target market? *

    *For example, their age, gender, where they typically live etc.

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Design Preferences
  1. Are there any colours you would prefer to use for your site?

    *If you have a brand/logo the colour scheme for this would ideally be used in your website.

  1. List at least three websites you like in terms of design and why?

    *Please include links to these sites.

    Website Functions
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    1. List the pages / tabs / buttons your site will consist of. We require a list of the proposed page names

      *For example most websites will have pages such as homepage, about us, what we do, shop/products, contact us etc.

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    Website Preferences