Responsive Website Design


There was a time when having a standard html or flash based website did the trick – this was when the most likely audience was accessing your website on a standard  desktop computer screen. Not so anymore – websites design & technology is moving at such an amazing pace one of its biggest advantages is that it allows us access information and websites through a vast variety of devices from phones to laptops and more recently tablets and even gaming and tv consoles.

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is effectively a programming technology  which allows a website to custom adapt itself and automatically resize itself to the width of the browser display that it is being viewed on. Interestingly recently – Google – one of the worlds biggest and best known internet based services providers announced recently that they and their systems prefer to see websites that employ the Responsive website design and this means that if your website is responsive site it will potentially rank higher within the search engines.

To explain further a website which has not been programmed or designed to utilize the Responsive Website design being viewed on say a standard iphone will probably cause a little frustration or confusion to the viewer because it will either be tiny – requiring the user to zoom in on sections of the website manually – OR will just show block or areas of the website. A website using the Responsive Website design (RWR) technology will automatically resize or reposition itself to fit the screen perfectly whether its on an iphone, android, i pad or any device. Some of the larger companies – such as banks etc. –  also create dedicated mobile websites (better known as apps) which are a similar idea but are usually just a simplified version of their website which is optimized to make it ultra easy for the end user to access their information whether its a bank or a car sales business or otherwise.

Many recent surveys and research worldwide on mobile and social media trends are showing a continuing explosive growth in smartphone and more recently tablet ownership which is especially so in Ireland. It was expected that by the end of 2012 at least 71% of the Irish population were expected to own a smartphone and nearly 50% were expected to own a tablet device. Going on these trends it is clear just how many people will potentially be accessing websites and web content through smartphone or tablet devices and of course because of this it is going to be increasingly more important that websites are responsive and adaptive to these devices.

The advantages of having a Responsive Website Design (RWD) are increasing as ownership of smart phones and tablet devices increases – worldwide – but here are some simple reasons why your website should be responsive.

– While the initial set up of a responsive website may be a little more than a standard non responsive website the cost would most certainly be saved when you consider that the cost of maintaining more than one website to cater for devices such as desktop comptuers, ipads/tablets or iphones etc. – a responsive website will by its nature automatically cater for all of these.

– Your responsive website will most certainly put you a step up – on search engines –  ahead of your competitors if only because it will potentially perform better in SEO because of the fact that Responsive Website Design (RWD) perform better in search engines. The

– Your potential customer who is accessing your Responsive Website Design (RWD) is much more likely to stay on and return to your website if they can easily access the information and not have to scrunch and scroll like they would have to do with a standard non- Responsive Website Design therefore potentially increasing your business.