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The Brand Identity for tourism section was created by our highly qualified team of graphic designers at Designwest in late 2018.

The brand identity for was one we really and truly enjoyed working on with the team at Roscommon County Council and proved to be a most interesting project because being from Mayo we never knew that Roscommon had so many hidden jewels.

The Identity itself is made up of a number of elements all of which combine to create a very unique brand identity logo design. The Celtic weave symbol refers to Roscommon’s rich heritage of great tribes, wealthy chieftains and dynastic families once based in Rathcroghan – It also represents a water element, surrounding the county, and fish jumping throughout our waterways. Within the weave we have some elements that act as a portal to our memories of Roscommon. Here we see some illustrated visuals of the greenways and epic landscapes of the county, the historical sites we’ve encountered in Roscommon, and the experiences, communities and welcoming warm nature of its people. We also used a contemporary hand written font which creates a sense of fun, adventure and youthful excitement to the brand in juxtaposition to the traditional elements of the logo. This styling is inclusive of the many arts and craftspeople of Roscommon. The typography for the logo to a degree is reflective of the style used in the main Roscommon County Councils corporate logo. We felt that this stacked version of the word Ros-Com-Mon worked much better when stacked to the right of the actual iconography for the logo rather than being written in one line beneath it. It also serves as a very strong visual for the brand identity Design.

The end Result is a strong and highly unique identity which we really hope will serve the team at Roscommon County Council well in their endeavours to promote the county on a national and international stage.

Project Scope:

Brand Identity Logo Creation
Brand Guidelines Directory
Brochure Designs
Advertising Designs - 48 Sheets - 6 Sheets
Press Ad Designs
Digital and online promotions Logo Mockup 3

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