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Designwest are most definately experts at using social media platforms to our advantage. We estimate that we have probably gained up to 20% more business in the last year alone by using social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and linked-in. All of these can really be very powerful marketing tools if used in the right  way and possibly at the right time.  Social media can also be a great way of directing traffic back to your website and can be used as an added tool for keeping your website active and potentially more SEO friendly (example facebook updates which are embedded in your website). We have learned through experience that using diffferent social media platforms can suit certain businesses for example facebook is a fantastic tool for reaching your audience if you do anything that is visual i.e. a baker who can promote their fantastic cakes or even people like us who create fantastic designs whereas perhaps twitter may suit a more professional business such as perhaps an accountant who could perhaps tweet money saving tips! People generally are quite visual creatures as well as being inquisitive so are much more likely to view a post that has a picture than one which is text based. Its all about identifying the area and platform that suits you best and using these very powerful tools to your advantage and in a way that is ‘apt’ for your business. Designwest can advise, help with  or even manage your social media forays so why not call us today to discuss on 0949382000.

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Declan and his team have been a pleasure to work with in every aspect. We first went to them to get a quote for setting up our Direct 2U Furniture and Big Red Barn websites and to design our logos after getting several from all kinds of company’s across Ireland and not really satisfied by any of them except Designwest. I was given a free consultation which was very helpful, I explained what we needed and how much we had to spend, Jessica was able to advise me where we needed to make changes and how she would do it. We were very happy with the price and the job itself was exactly what we wanted and more. The after service was also outstanding, I was given several feedback meetings which let us know where the site was being looked at. How long each user stayed on our site & even which country they viewed it from. Any changes or updates I wished to add where up in a flash. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Designwest team for their outstanding work and customer services.
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