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Designwest are experts at creating cost effective logo design & identity designs. Our team of talented qualified Creatives have over 30 years of combined experience fulfilling hundreds of briefs for real clients. When approaching our design for this topic we have a  working term we love to use which was originally used by special forces in the US – Saturate – Incubate – Illuminate. When approaching each brief We Saturate ourselves with the information for the brief or logo design in question. Then we will Incubate the information and this is where the ideas start to grow. Lastly we will create an identity which will in essence Illuminate your business through your logo design or identity design – simple right?

Having an apt Logo design or identity design is probably the very first and most important step in introducing your business to the world. Your logo or identity if designed correctly will help you build you brand and hopefully your customer base though time. From here your logo or identity design and its elements be they typefaces/colours/icons will help you build your overall Brand. It will be used on all of your marketing materials be printed materials or web based solutions. Many clients confuse logo design and branding as being the same thing, they are not though they are certainly part of the same family. We have explained Branding in our Branding section (link) but for now lets focus on the business of Logo design.

Your logo can come in many distinct shapes/forms/wordmarks depending very much on the type of business and realistically it is the job of a good graphic design company – yes like ours – to identify the essence of your business which will then help our qualified team of designers build a creative map with which  to progress & custom create the elements for your new logo. The purpose of a good logo design is to ensure that your target market recognizes & identifies with your business in a manner that is memorable to them – in a nutshell it is the visual mark that champions your business – like a knight of old would  champion his king or queen!

Designwest kiltimagh have created countless logo designs and branding concepts for our clients. At the initial research stage of the logo design our design team will work to a process which has been honed by our designers through time and experience and lots of chewed pencils and pens! This is the stage which help us identify the important aspects, characteristics and personality that your logo design will need to reflect. Once we have thoroughly researched the ‘essence’ of your business we will then use our research to progress to the next in helping us create your logo design. This stage of the process is much more – well creative – and during this stage we will scribble on pages, chew on  more pencils and wear out mouse pads until we have created an identity design or logo design that is completely and uniquely hand crafted just for your business.

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