Motion Video Design

The designwest design team are great lovers of motion graphic videos. We have done some really slick examples of motion videos this year which have really attracted great feedback for both our clients and ourselves. Motion graphic web videos are a really great way of marketing your business through your website or even when promoted on social media or viral marketing campaigns. A motion web video is really a vehicle for explaining your business, announcements, services or statistics in a much more interesting and dynamic way rather than – for example – either printing it or putting the information as text/pictures on your website. People generally are quite inquisitive and  are much more likely to watch an online or web video than perhaps they are to read the text on your website.

There are a number of ways of creating motion or web videos whether its footage of you or someone within your company speaking on the video or whether the information is conveyed using motion type or iconography (don’t tell anyone but we much prefer the latter style!) We can quite literally visualize anything from a plane taking off through to animated /moving characters right through to industrial environments etc. With web motion videos the sky is literally the limit and we really think these are a huge benefit to any business that is perhaps finding it hard to get their message out there. The videos as mentioned previously can be uploaded onto your website or any of the social media or video based platforms such as you-tube, vimeo or even on facebook or tweeted so there are so many ways of getting your business message out there. Contact designwest today about how we can help you with your web motion video on 094 93 82000.

Promotional Motion Video for Eurostruct Inc. New York, USA

Promotional Motion Video for Hellers Shoes

Promotional Motion Video for

Client: Five Sciences, Claregalway, Co. Galway.

Client: Horizon Engineering, Westport, Co. Mayo.

Client: Ireland West Airport Knock, Charlestown, Co. Mayo.

Motion Infographic: Oilguard Alert Industrial

Promotional Motion Video: Designwest

Promotional Motion Video: Time Square Construction

Promotional Motion Video: Restaurant owner app

Promotional Motion Video: The Sea Lodge Hotel Waterville

Promotional Motion Video: Unreal Candy

Promotional Motion Video: Castlebar Credit Union

Promotional Motion Video: Spark Charity Inc NYC

Promotional Motion Video: Ireland West Airport

Having seen examples of Designwest’s previous work, I commissioned them to design and build a new website for my new business. From start to finish I was impressed with the speed, professionalism and quality of work. We had a very tight deadline for completion which was easily met, without compromising on quality and attention to detail. I am delighted with the finished site and we regularly receive comments on how good it looks. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Designwest to anyone looking for a professional website.
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