MF Catering Equipment

logo-design-mayo-ireland-identity-design-mayo-ireland-mf-catering-equipiment-mayo-irelandlogo-design-mayo-ireland-identity-design-mayo-ireland-mf-catering-equipiment2-kiltimagh-mayo-irelandBrand Identity Design, Business Card Design, Letterhead Design, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
Client: MF Catering Equipment

The MF Catering identity design needed to be visually punching. MF Catering provide stainless steel equipment to catering companies all over Ireland so it was important that the logo design could be reproduced onto any equipment that MF would provide. The business card design is really strong and visually engaging – our team spent quite some time finding just the right shot for the back of the business card design which really needed to suit to the colour/hues of the logo design. The end result is a really visually engaging business card design which we know will work very well for the client. The letterhead design naturally needs to be a little less creative in terms of design – so the team just stayed true to the original brand design values/typography and produced a clean but strong design.


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