Ireland West Trad

webdesign-ireland-west-trad-knock-charlstown-mayo-irelandCategory: Website Design & Web Development, Knock, Charlestown, Co. Mayo.
Website Type: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Live webcast functionality.
Client: Ireland West Airport Knock

The Ireland West Trad website design  for our client Ireland West Airport Knock based in Mayo was designed and programmed & completed by designwest in Nov 2012. The brochure design style website design aims to promote both west of Ireland tourism & traditional music. The brief was to create a visually appealing and easy to navigate website design which would be accessible to primarily the European tourist market and of course to eventually drive more traffic through Ireland West Airport Knock. The team at designwest also created a logo design/ identity design for the project which needed to be visually similar  to the master IWAK brand.  The website was and has been a huge success for the client and has seen a lot of traffic as well as attracting many people from all around the globe who have been logging on and watching the live webcast functionality in which traditional Irish music nights with renowned Irish artists  do live gigs from various locations primarily in the west  and North west of Ireland.


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