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Is Flyer Design Still Relevant in 2024?

Why you need a flyer design...

Every small business has to let potential customers realize their products and services. This can be most frequently done through social media platforms, websites and email marketing. But, one of the oldest marketing methods, the standard flyer, is simply as strong as ever and shouldn’t be dismissed. Below we explore the importance of flyer printing for each small business.

Flyers are straightforward and effective thanks to telling people on the road about your services and products. They’ll have not seen your website, or might not be on social media. Whether or not they’re online, they will take more notice of a flyer that’s handed to them instead of scrolling through their news feed. Our attention spans are sadly getting shorter, so a flyer could be a quick way of grabbing that potential customer’s attention.

Get the flyer design right!

A professionally designed and printed flyer will make a way better first impression than a handwritten one, and first impressions really do matter. Using a Graphic Design agency to create a custom design, won’t only make the method effortless with its years of experience and custom designs, but it’ll also make the process enjoyable.

A customized, custom-made flyer is the ideal method to pique your audience’s interest and spread the news, whether it’s for a company promotion, a fundraising, or an event. Use unique photos, shapes, and icons in the flyer backdrop to make your company flyer stand out. It should target your audience, educate them about your company’s offerings, and make them enthused about your product.

Choose the most important points.

It’s vital that you just get your details across, and that this information is quick and simple to read. We are more likely to read a flyer design when it features bold and big type, as opposed to a small font. Keep to the most important facts, keep it simple and always use your company logo.

Always print in colour!

The value of color on your flyer cannot be overstated. Always try to avoid printing in black and white unless your design requires it. Attempt to limit your colour option to two or three which makes the print easy to read. Using too many colors can appear messy and make the data harder to process.

Subsequently, seen below are some examples of high quality flyer designs we have designed for clients in the past.

Flyer Design Examples

Check out theleaflet design for Galway Chamber here.

This flyer design for Galway Chamber is concerned with helping new businesses navigate their way through the maze of available resources and supports. This guide was developed to simplify the process and consolidate information on the many types of financial aid and grant support available to the business community. This flyer design is:

  • Eye-catching – enough to pique people’s attention in reading it.
  • Targeted – the flyer should speak directly to the people you want to reach.
  • Informative – People should know what the flyer is advertising and where they can learn more.
  • Convincing – the flyer should pique people’s interest in your product, service, or event.

Achill tourism is situated in Co. Mayo on Ireland’s west coast. These Mayo-based clients give information and support with organizing a trip to Achill Island and the Currane Peninsula. Achill Island, Co. Mayo, is steeped in history and has produced or attracted a diverse range of renowned individuals and intriguing characters, despite its isolated position.

The region is rich in flora and wildlife and is well worth a visit. These Mayo-based customers approached designwest with the goal of creating a rich, vivid, and aesthetically appealing map design for the numerous tourists who visit the island each year. Our creative team at designwest was thrilled to be engaged and developed this map design that well beyond the client’s expectations.


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