E-Commerce Web Design & Development

designwest-services-ecommerce-website-design-and-development-mayo-irelandIt took a while for technology to take a hold but it is now estimated that ecommerce has now become the largest retail environment in sales growth worldwide.
The use of computers, Mobile devices, iphones and tablet devices  has literally exploded worldwide in the past few years and it is estimated that in Ireland by the end of 2013 at least 75% of the Irish population will be expected to own a smartphone such as an iphone or android and nearly 55%  expected to own a tablet device. This coupled with the fact that internet sales worldwide have also exploded with many online retailers seeing up to a 30% – 50% increase on their online sales against those in previous years proves that it makes commercial sense to make your product or even service available for online purchase. More and more potential consumers are browsing the worldwide web for products and services from the comfort of their home or office and it makes sense that if your product or website is available online to these potential consumers through a well designed and easy to use e-commerce website your business can become succesful in  online trading.

Ecommerce  websites can be designed and  programmed in a wide range of formats & functionality to suit your business needs whether you are a small business only selling a few products or a large business selling hundreds or even thousands of products online. At designwest we can tailor design your e-commerce website and customize it to suit your exact specifications and requirements.  Through hard earned  experience  in completing a vast range of  website designs and e-commerce websites for many of our clients designwest, kiltimagh, co. mayo have become trusted experts in our field.

For any business to have a successful online e-commerce website it must work on a number of levels. First and foremost it must be found easily online in search engines whether it is google, bing or otherwise and this relates most specifically to the SEO aspect of the website (link to SEO section) Secondly and nearly just as importantly it must be ultra clear and easy for the potential customer/client to both navigate through the site, find the product they are looking for and then make a quick and easy purchase. At designwest we can ensure that your e-commerce website works seamlessly for you and your customer by tailor designing and developing your website no matter what type of business you are.  At designwest we use the most up to date programming and technology available to us & we are always progressing and developing our methods and ensure that we keep up to date by using trusted methods used by thousands of users worldwide.

Your e-commerce website solution can be customized to allow a huge range of functionality  including  –   client user name and password for secure entry into your website allowing  you to upload/ update or remove your products/ services or content easily hence keeping it up to date for your target market.  We can integrate all of the trusted payment methods into your e-commerce platform  allowing for an easy online transaction whether the purchase is made through paypal, visa or any real-time instant transaction payment method. Our team of developers at Designwest can  also set your e-commerce website up to include a product catalogue featuring images & descriptions of your product or service, which can include functionality that automatically calculates shipping rates and also send you emails confirming orders received and payments received. Our e-commerce websites can be designed and developed to be fully responsive ensuring that they are fully optimized to work across all mobile, tablet or desktop devices ensuring that your target market can access your products or services easily without needing to move or scale pages or images. Recent research shows that users accessing e-commerce websites-  that are not responsive –  through mobile and tablet devices are less likely to make a purchase on these sites.