Content Managed System (CMS) Websites

Most of the websites we at designwest  have been asked to create  within the past year or so are – or have some form – of a content managed system. So what is a content managed website? In short it is a website that allows the owner or end user to easily update the content in their website whether it is the text or indeed the imagery. A very good example of a very simple content managed system which has seen a meteoric rise to fame is Facebook – the social media platform – which allows users to easily update content, comments and text as well as pictures etc.  Designwest can tailor the amount of content that can be managed by the client – in some cases depending on the clients proficiency only limited areas or pages are managed directly by the client where as the main structure of the website is effectively ‘locked’ – at the clients request – with access to these areas being open only to the developers/designers.

There are two main types of Content Managed Websites/systems – the first type is a custom designed and custom coded system and the second is an opensource system which is actually the type favoured by a lot of the more creative designers and developers because of the fact that the custom design versions are more often used  as a template hence restricting creativity.

There are a lot of non-proprietary systems, platforms available to designers and developers which can be integrated into a website some of the better known ones would possibly be wordpress, concrete 5, square space or similar. These are tried and tested platforms and pre-developed structures or wireframes which allow the developer to build the overall website on. On the other hand some websites with content managed systems need to be custom designed and developed depending on the clients needs and these can often end up being more expensive because they demand a higher level of programming so for the most part designers and developers tend to use tried and tested platforms which they can then customise to suit the clients needs. The benefit of having a content managed system:

1. If a website is regularily updated is much more likely to be more successful in terms of SEO
2. A content managed system website will most certainly save the client money over time especially if they regularily update their website.
3. There is a saying amongst some web developers and we love it ‘ content is like fresh produce – its so much better when its fresh’ – a website that has regular updated content is more likely to attract returning visitors and it also gives the website the appearance of being ‘current’ . 4. As mentioned above search engines usually ‘reward’ websites that have new and fresh content.
5. The biggest Pro of a content managed website is that you  are in full control of your website content 24 hours a day 365 days a year so are not restricted to when or how the content is updated.