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We could write a book on branding. Seriously, we could. But for now let’s focus on the core branding ingredients and why they matter. The best place to start is with your identity. It could be a logo or a wordmark or just a splash on a page but however you look at it, this is something that sets you apart from your competitors & represents you and your business. There are several elements to consider, including colour, typeface, style, photo and illustration – and this is where we can help…by helping you create the identity, logo design, word mark or even that ‘splash’ that will help your business grow.



Our Brand Identity Portfolio

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Having seen examples of Designwest’s previous work, I commissioned them to design and build a new website for my new business. From start to finish I was impressed with the speed, professionalism and quality of work. We had a very tight deadline for completion which was easily met, without compromising on quality and attention to detail. I am delighted with the finished site and we regularly receive comments on how good it looks. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Designwest to anyone looking for a professional website.
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