“Boyle Through the Decades” – A Masterpiece in Book Design by Designwest

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In the realm of book design, Ireland has witnessed the emergence of a true gem. Designwest, renowned for their unparalleled expertise in graphic design, has recently unveiled their latest project for Úna Bhán Tourism: “Boyle Through the Decades, a Historical Walking Trail.” This masterpiece is not just a book; it’s a journey through time, encapsulating the essence of Boyle, Co. Roscommon.

A Journey Through Time

Imagine walking the streets of Boyle, where each step takes you back in time, revealing tales of Gaelic Chieftains and legendary princesses like Úna Bhán. “Boyle Through the Decades” does just that. It’s more than a book—it’s a portal to the past. Designwest has meticulously crafted a design that immerses readers in the rich history of Boyle, from its role in Ireland’s fight for independence to the enchanting legends that have shaped its identity.

Boyle’s Heritage in Every Page

The book’s design mirrors Boyle’s heritage. As you turn the pages, you are greeted with visuals that echo the magnificence of Boyle Abbey and the grandeur of the 16th-century King House. The Designwest team has skillfully intertwined historical elements with modern design techniques, making every page a visual delight.

The Name ‘Boyle’ – A Tale of History and Myth

In “Boyle Through the Decades,” the story of how Boyle got its name is beautifully narrated. From the monastic ‘Mainistir na Búille’ to the enchanting legend of the ‘Maighdean Abhan’ or Mermaid of the river, the book design encapsulates these tales with captivating imagery and typography, showcasing Designwest’s prowess in book design in Ireland.

Designwest: Ireland’s Premier Book Designers

Through “Boyle Through the Decades,” Designwest has reinforced their position as the premier book designers in Ireland. With countless successful graphic design briefs under their belt, they have once again demonstrated their ability to transform historical narratives into visual masterpieces. This book is not just a historical journey; it’s a testament to Designwest’s exceptional talent in book design.


For those looking to embark on a historical journey through Boyle, “Boyle Through the Decades, a Historical Walking Trail” is an essential companion. Designed by the unrivaled talents at Designwest, this book is a celebration of Boyle’s rich heritage and a shining example of exceptional book design in Ireland. Dive into the pages and let Designwest guide you through the captivating history of Boyle.

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“Boyle Through the Decades” – A Masterpiece in Book Design by Designwest

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