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The CCMA Irish Customer Contact & Shared Services Awards 2023, hosted by the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA), celebrate excellence in the customer contact and shared services industry in Ireland. The awards feature 17 distinct categories, highlighting various aspects of customer service and industry achievements. Entrants can download an application pack detailing the criteria for each category. The closing date for entries is September 6, 2023. The gala awards ceremony is scheduled for November 17, 2023, in Dublin, with Workair being the Gold sponsor for the second consecutive year. For more detailed information, you can visit their website here.

Based on this information, I will now write a blog post highlighting the brochure design created by Designwest for the CCMA Awards.

Showcasing Excellence: Designwest’s Brochure Design for CCMA Irish Customer Contact & Shared Services Awards 2023

For the past eight years, Designwest has been at the forefront of crafting unique brochure designs for the prestigious CCMA Irish Customer Contact & Shared Services Awards. The 2023 edition of this brochure is no exception, highlighting our commitment to excellence and creativity in brochure design in Ireland.

A Testament to Irish Business Excellence

Each year, the CCMA awards spotlight the best in Irish businesses, recognizing outstanding achievements in customer contact and shared services. Our brochure design aims to mirror this excellence, presenting each facet of the awards with elegance and clarity.

Designwest’s Creative Approach

Our team at Designwest, a renowned name among brochure designers in Ireland, approaches each project with a fresh perspective. For the CCMA awards brochure, we have integrated dynamic layouts, compelling visuals, and an intuitive design that guides the reader through the prestigious event’s many highlights.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Brochure

A well-crafted brochure is a powerful tool in any marketing strategy, and our work with CCMA exemplifies this. The brochure not only serves as a guide to the event but also as a lasting memento of the evening’s significance and the achievements celebrated.

Key Features of the 2023 Brochure Design

  1. Elegant Layout: Our designers focused on an elegant layout that complements the grandeur of the awards ceremony.
  2. Custom Graphics: The brochure features custom-designed graphics that reflect the unique identity of the CCMA awards.
  3. Informative Content: We have meticulously included all relevant information, from award categories to sponsor details, ensuring the brochure is not just beautiful but also informative.

Promoting Designwest’s Expertise

At Designwest, we pride ourselves on creating custom-designed brochure designs in Ireland that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our collaboration with CCMA demonstrates our ability to handle projects of any scale and significance, cementing our position as leading brochure designers in Ireland.


Designwest’s brochure for the CCMA Irish Customer Contact & Shared Services Awards 2023 is a testament to our team’s dedication and skill in brochure design. We are honored to work with CCMA each year, contributing to the celebration of Irish business excellence. For any organization seeking top-tier brochure design in Ireland, Designwest stands ready to bring your vision to life.

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Brochure Design Dublin Ireland

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