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Zhengzhou New Journey Import And Export Co, Ltd

Designwest is delighted to present this bold logo design created for Zhengzhou New Journey Import And Export Co.,Ltd, a leading company in the export of Chinese textiles. As a first-time experience working with a client based in China, we wanted to create a unique and memorable logo branding design that would capture the essence of the company’s values and expertise. Our talented team of designers worked diligently to create a bold, eye-catching, and meaningful logo design that would resonate with audiences worldwide.

The color scheme of the logo design for Zhengzhou New Journey Import And Export Co.,Ltd is a combination of bold blue and red that represents the transport of goods from the point of departure to the customer. The choice of colors was based on the company’s focus on exporting textiles to various global markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany. The blue color represents trust, reliability, and quality, while the red symbolizes the energy and passion of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The logo features an abstract representation of a fabric weave pattern that serves as a subtle nod to the company’s focus on textiles, while also adding an element of texture and depth to the design. The graphic element was created to visually demonstrate the link that is woven by the exchange of products between China and the world. Through this graphic identity, we were able to establish a visual link between the company’s values and the world of textiles, creating a more vibrant and compelling visual narrative

The founder of Zhengzhou New Journey Import And Export Co.,Ltd, Mr. David Jiang, has worked in a state-owned enterprise for over 20 years before founding the company in 2019. The company mainly deals in all kinds of cotton bags, aprons, oven gloves, tablecloth, tea towels, T-shirts, hoodies, and other textiles. With long-term cooperation and investments in over eight factories, it has become a group enterprise supported by a professional team of technical products. The annual export volume exceeds 500,000 products and exports exceed 3.5 million US dollars, with major customers including Walmart, Disney, Aldi, and Lidl.

As a branding and graphic design agency, we ensure that our designs cater to the needs of the client and effectively represent their values and mission. Our design approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, and we always strive to produce exceptional designs that capture the client’s vision. Therefore, we are thrilled to know that Mr. David Jiang was pleased with the final results and was excited to see the design come to life.

In conclusion, the design team at Designwest is proud to showcase the logo design created for Zhengzhou New Journey Import And Export Co.,Ltd. The focus on the principle of the sewing line linking with the world of textiles, combined with the bold colours and graphic representation, has resulted in a visually appealing and memorable logo design. The logo nicely represents the company’s focus and values, while also highlighting its commitment to providing the best products and services to customers worldwide.

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Logo Design | Zhengzhou New Journey Import And Export Co, Ltd

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