Brochure Design: DesignWest’s Contribution to Lough Carra LIFE Project

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Brochure Design: DesignWest’s Contribution to Lough Carra LIFE Project

The team at Designwest are delighted to showcase its latest accomplishment: the creation of a captivating brochure design for Lough Carra LIFE, a significant project undertaken by Mayo County Council. With a team of highly skilled graphic designers.

Designwest successfully crafted a visually stunning brochure that has garnered remarkable traction for our client through social channels. Join us as we delve into the details of this extraordinary project and discover how the brochure design showcases the vital conservation efforts taking place in the Lough Carra catchment area.

  1. Unveiling Lough Carra LIFE Project: The Lough Carra LIFE project, funded by the European Commission LIFE Programme and various Project Funding Partners, is a pioneering five-year initiative (2021-2026) led by Mayo County Council. Its primary objective is to enhance water quality, restore the Marl Lake habitat, and protect other habitats and species within the Lough Carra catchment area in Mayo, Ireland. DesignWest was thrilled to be part of this significant endeavor, supporting the council in promoting the project’s vital goals.

  2. Collaborative Partnerships and Community Involvement: The success of the Lough Carra LIFE project rests on the collaborative efforts of various funding partners, including Mayo County Council, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Marine, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Geological Survey Ireland, Coillte, and the Lough Carra Catchment Association (LCCA). The LCCA, formed by local residents, played a pivotal role in establishing the project and will continue to be a key partner throughout its duration. DesignWest’s brochure design not only highlights these partnerships but also reflects the strong community involvement that drives the conservation efforts.

  3. A Striking Visual Narrative: DesignWest’s highly skilled graphic designers invested their expertise and creativity in crafting a visually captivating brochure that effectively communicates the significance of the Lough Carra LIFE project. Through the thoughtful use of colors, imagery, and typography, the design evokes a sense of harmony with nature while showcasing the diverse habitats and species that thrive within the catchment area. The brochure serves as a powerful tool for promoting awareness and understanding of the project’s goals among stakeholders and the wider community.

  4. Amplifying Reach through Social Channels: The impact of DesignWest’s brochure design extended beyond its physical presence. Leveraging the power of social media, Lough Carra LIFE and Mayo County Council successfully promoted the design to a wider audience, generating significant traction and engagement. The visually striking elements and compelling content of the brochure translated seamlessly into digital platforms, further amplifying the reach and impact of the project’s conservation message.

DesignWest’s collaboration with Mayo County Council on the brochure design for the Lough Carra LIFE project exemplifies the agency’s commitment to exceptional graphic design.

Designwest skillfully captured the essence of the project’s conservation efforts, DesignWest has created a visually stunning brochure that effectively communicates the significance of protecting the Lough Carra catchment area.

This achievement further solidifies DesignWest’s reputation as a leading graphic design agency, dedicated to making a positive impact through its creative expertise.

To learn more about the Lough Carra LIFE project and its conservation efforts, visit their official website:

The team at DesignWest is honoured to have been part of this groundbreaking project for Mayo County Council. Check out our other projects!

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Brochure Design: DesignWest’s Contribution to Lough Carra LIFE Project

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