Website Layout – GF Firestop Solutions LTD – Great Modern Web Design 2021

GF Firestop Desktop

Client: GF Firestop Solutions LTD, Barnacouge, Swinford, County Mayo

Category: Web Design & Web Development, WordPress Website

Website Type: CSS, HTML, WordPress Website, PHP

Website layout for GF Firestop Solutions LTD, who are an accredited by the largest running and most recognized independent third party certifier schemes for passive fire protection installation in Ireland and the UK-firas, run by Warringtion fire research station. They provide fireproof barrier & intumescent painting solutions for various businesses and industries across Ireland.

This website has six main pages on the menu. These are Home, Technology And Traceability, Services, with four subpages, Shop, Clients and Contact with one subpage.

website layout for GF Firestop

Responsive Website Layout

Following web layout best practices and timeless UI design patterns results in great websites. Good website layouts are suited to the content they’re presenting, prioritize user experience in addition to aesthetics, and can endure changing technologies and design trends. The page layout refers to the manner in which elements are arranged, in order to convey meaning and to trace a path that the user can follow when visiting the website. In graphic design more generally, one of the most important aspects is represented by visual hierarchy. Web designers use visual hierarchy to guide visitors attention to important elements first.

In a world where the user experience is so important, it is highly important to find a website layout design that is familiar, that gives users a sense of familiarity. Following web layout best practices allows for flexibility in the exact design of each website so it can be tailored to best suit users.

It’s always tempting for agencies to cram their websites with every gimmick in order to dazzle all who visit with their creative brilliance. Strong visual hierarchy makes the difference between a website layout design that guides users to the action you want them to take and a site that just looks nice. Humans are incredibly visual beings and when it comes to consuming content online, we often scan the page to quickly discern whether we’ll find what we need before diving in. These are layouts that are easy to navigate, simple in scope, and focused on providing a memorable user experience.

Navigation bars are essential and are considered as an important tool to help users locate certain parts of the page. It will be easier for visitors to check different parts of the page or even other pages when a navigation bar is fixed on a certain area of the page.

Featured images create an emotional connection with visitors — a big, bold photograph or illustration of an object makes a strong statement and creates a stunning first impression. The size of the headline/image is directly related to the attention it commands. More prominent elements draw a user’s focus faster than the less prominent one.

A slideshow of strong, visually stimulating images rotates, with teasers for the event’s festival, playground and conference. In design, asymmetry creates a more dynamic and organic visual impact. You can use images, typography, bright colors, or other things to create a focal point. Videos, especially, present a real-life, interactive perspective of the content.

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Website Layout – GF Firestop Solutions LTD – Great Modern Web Design 2021

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