We Recommend Pro SEO for SEO Services

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Having set up our business Design West a few years ago, we tried to implement SEO in the business, but it was unsuccessful. So, as a company together we searched around on the internet to find the best and the leading Digital Marketing company in Ireland with a lot of the prices for these companies will vary. We then came across Pro SEO. They were ranked number one and known to be the top digital marketing company in Ireland, so we knew then we were going ahead with the right people. We feel investing in this service was the best thing we ever did and the best solution for any business is to invest in Search Engine Optimisation. Having been with for two years now we have achieved some amazing results. In this blog, I am outlining and explaining why we would highly recommend Pro SEO for SEO services:

What is SEO?

SEO is short term for Search Engine Optimisation. In simple terms, it means a technique used to optimise a website and to maximise and achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google. It is the most effective and most affordable types of digital marketing.

They put you first

They put our needs and the business needs first. They are completely dedicated to us and other people and are a very fair company to work alongside. They provide superb value and an exceptional customer service. We could give them a call anytime and they were happy to speak to us about any questions we had for them. They are 100% committed to all the services that they provide.

Their Customer Service is second to none

They offer highly professional and an experienced service. They have gone above and beyond for our business offering a hassle-free customer service. They are 100% committed to our business which makes them a cut above the rest of the competition.

They improved our visibility

By implementing SEO into a business, it helped us gain visibility on search engines like Google. This process involves link building, using keywords, and increased site speed. The higher your visibility the better chance you have of people finding your website. We have Pro SEO to thank for this. With their expertise, we now continue to show up on search engines.

They improved our rankings enormously on search engines

On search engines, we now rank on the first page and are number 2 for web design in Mayo all thanks to Pro SEO. Everything they have done for us is right and has majorly improved our rankings, delivered endless results, and consistent traffic to our website.

SEO has grown Design West by 20% in 2 years

Over the past 2 years since we have been working with Pro SEO for our SEO service,s our business has grown by 20%. This to us is a massive achievement. Before we invested, we were nowhere to be seen and our business wasn’t moving up the ladder. We are truly thankful to Pro SEO for all their hard work.

We have achieved some outstanding results since been with Pro SEO. Before this, we were ranking poorly, and our website wasn’t being seen by potential customers on search engines. After two years, we are now rankings on the first page and we are number 2 for web design in Mayo and have 10 other keywords on the first page of search engines. We are astonished and grateful for the results we have achieved to get our business going. Pro SEO exceeded our expectations for their dedication, reliability, and professionalism. They have driven our business to the top and any requirement we asked of them they had no problem doing so. We would highly recommend Pro SEO to any other business, family, and friends.

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We Recommend Pro SEO for SEO Services

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