Logo Design-Cronin Hardwood Flooring Inc.

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Logo Design: Cronin Hardwood Flooring Inc.

Here is a beautiful Logo Design-Wordmark Design -Branding Design that our talented designers at Designwest and Motion Monsters created for Irish owned Cronin Hardwood Flooring Inc. who is based in New Jersey & New York in the United States. Our team of talented Irish Graphic Designers created two versions of the logo – one that works on a cream background and one on a dark background.

We also created a little ‘leaf’ shape on the C for Cronin to point to the natural aspect of their wood flooring products. We felt that having this in the identity design/wordmark design really adds to the flair of the logo design for the Irish owned company and also gives it a little more character. We hope you agree it works well with the custom created typography.

The font style for wordmark style logo was completely custom created by one of our most talented designers whose first love is Typography. This means that the font used for the Cronin Logo / Brand Identity Design is completely bespoke to them and is totally unique having been handcrafted by our designer. The background colour used for the Typography is actually created using imagery of wood patterns which are very much in style at the moment. These can be updated as time progresses with whatever style is popular at the time ensuring that the Cronin logo never looks dated.

We hope you agree that this very unique and signature logo design for the USA and Ireland owned company is perfectly suited to a high-end flooring company which has many clients right across New Jersey, The Tri-States and New York.

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Logo Design-Cronin Hardwood Flooring Inc.

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